How to use Apple’s shortcuts app

Shortcuts by Apple deliver a quick way to get things done with your apps with just a tap or by asking Siri. The Shortcuts app enables you to create personal shortcuts with multiple steps from your favorite apps. You can start from hundreds of examples in the Gallery or drag and drop to create your own.. Let me show you.

So this is your homescreen. Here you can see & create your shortcuts. Since we have none, we will create one by pressing ‘Create Shortcut‘. Which will bring us to the ‘New Shortcut‘ page.

‘New Shortcut’ looks kinda boring don’t you think?

Lets change that by pressing the dots on the top right of your screen.
It wil bring you to the ‘Details‘ page of your shortcut. Now give your shortcut a name just like I did below. And yes you are allowed to choose a different name than I did, I won’t get mad at you..

Allright all set now run your shortcut by pressing on it from the ‘My Shortcuts‘ screen.

Obviously you will get the following error.. Don’t start to sweat now, Im here to help you!

Smash that OK button for me.

Followed by clicking the dots on your shortcut.
Click ‘Add Action‘ A screen wil come up with a bunch of options.
Just choose ‘Location‘ for now.

Basically you can do anything with your shortcut that you can think of. But we will start of with showing a message displaying the weather at your current location..

The list on your screen now can be seen as a data receiver & sender. You are in control of this. What it says is what it is.

We want to display the weather at our location. So obviously we choose for ‘Get current location‘. Remember: What it says is what it is.

So now your shortcut looks like this.
Lets do the same for weather information.
Click the ‘plus‘ icon and go to ‘Location‘ again and scroll down.

This time we need to get current weather info right?

Congratulations you made your device receive the data we need to get this to work! I’m proud of you.

Now you have the job to tell your device what to do with this information.

Again click the ‘plus’ icon, this time we won’t choose for location but for ‘scripting’. Don’t feel overwhelmed by the amount of options u get to see here.

Since we want our device to show us the weather, scroll down to the ‘notification‘ topic and choose ‘show notification‘.

The app wil add this action to your shortcut but you will see the text “Hello world”. Remove this by clicking on it and u will get a option above your keyboard to add the info you recieved on previous actions. In this case: Weather condition at current location.

Still with me? By now your shortcut should look something like this. And you can proudly click ‘done‘ on the top right of your screen.

Now smash that shortcut and see the result, I’ll show you mine..

Yes I know, it’s pretty cold here. I feel bad about it to.

But more imporant; You did it! You made your first shortcut!

Wonder what else you can create?
Take a look at my top 10 shortcuts to create (soon)

What shortcut do you suggest to others? Let eachother know in the comments!

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