Take control of your mind

See, most people are stoppable. Most people all you have to do is tell them no. All you have to do is make it inconvenient for them, all you have to do is make it difficult for them and they’ll stop. See when you go to get your goal, don’t think all you have to do is think positive and everything’s gonna work out hokey dokey for you.


You have one shot in life, don’t look back on your life knowing you didn’t stick with your dream. Most people want to do everything right in life but see there is no such thing as doing everything right. Don’t stop dreaming just because you are affraid to fail.

And see; most people come up with a plan in life.. but after a while.. all that
enthusiasm you had wil fade & your mind starts telling you you can’t do this. But that’s the point where you gotta take control over your own mind. When u wake up at 5 am and your mind says ‘Nah we don’t feel like getting up this early’.. Tell your mind to f*ck off, this is what we do now!

What motivates you? Let me know in the comments!

People that inspired me:

Gary Vaynerchuk, Robin Sharma, David Goggins, Ben Lionel Scott

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